Coffee and Countryside

This past week I had been feeling slightly anxious for the first time in a long time. I was surprised when it came on, it was nothing major, nothing that stopped my life but when doing certain mundane things, I could feel it begin to rise. I’m lucky enough to have learned techniques to nip it in the bud before it becomes something and for the past while those techniques have prevented it appearing at all. Usually when my anxiety comes about out of the blue it helps me to try and trace back any changes that I have made within my life, diet or exercise routine, applying the Think Good, Feel Good, Look Good format and noting any alterations to the sequence. These past few weeks I have begun drinking coffee, which is indeed odd because I never liked coffee and still didn’t like coffee when I began drinking it, but that’s a whole other story. I somehow gradually ended up drinking up to four cups of coffee a day, most days. Generally, most people know the side effects of coffee, how it can bring on anxiety and other negative symptoms, even withdrawals for some people and I also knew all of this but by this stage I enjoyed the taste of it so continued drinking it anyway. It wasn’t until after a few weeks, when I could feel my anxiety beginning to rise that I noticed just how much coffee that I had been consuming. 
Over this weekend the weather was perfectly wintery (if that’s a word) and in the midst of the Christmas stress I took myself off to my Nanny’s house, in the countryside for some fresh air and relaxation with my family. My Nanny is a great cook and I always leave with a full stomach, while waiting by the lit fire to be served my lentil soup that was heating on the stove, I was feeling relaxed and without any anxiety. It was then that I realised I hadn’t had a coffee that day and I made the connection between the anxiety and the coffee. Finding a solution has always been relieving for me because in my case sometimes the panic of panic is worse than the panic itself (haha i know that will make sense to my fellow anxious people).
Sometimes taking a short time out, homemade comfort food and fresh air is needed to regroup and find your own solution. Just to explain, pictured above I was using the branches as antlers in true festive fashion and finding myself hilarious. Honestly, I still find it hilarious everytime I look at the picture so had to add it in for viewing.
I had a lovely day all in all with my family and the dogs and so far since, have ditched the coffee and although I am suffering mild withdrawals I will power through. I do enjoy the taste of it now though (still hard to accept since I hated it approx four weeks ago) so I figure a mocha is a compromise for now? maybe not.
In a strange way, I’m grateful to have felt some mild anxiety again because finding the solution and easing it by yourself is so rewarding and can remind you every now and then how to navigate your way around the beast that is anxiety. 
Hope you’re enjoying your Think Good Tuesday 🙂
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