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Every year, I see that Elton John has thrown an Oscars party. It is always packed with celebrities and as far as I know, is for a good cause. I figured, since last night’s Oscar…. mishap… is all over the internet, making most of us either cringe or giggle, why not honour someone positively associated with the Academy Awards for this week’s Fashion Monday.

As Well as his work and name being legendary in status, the seventies style in which it is written on this jumper is very cool. As I have made clear, many times, probably way too many times, I LOVE bright coloured clothes. The brighter the better, everybody needs a little light in their life. This season I am especially loving all of the different shades of pink, most of what I have spied in pink is just beautiful. I love how this jumper is feminine in colour but cool in cut, perfect balance.

I have a feeling that I will be posting pictures of these jeans very often, particularly in the run up to and throughout Summer. I really love a boyfriend style jean but I find most of them are a horrible fit or are only made for the slimmer bodies. Does anybody else remember the days when River Island basically only sold boyfriend style jeans? They were such a nice fit and great quality. Now I find that time in my life so hard to emulate, in regards to jean happiness. I love the style of these jeans and the lack of holes on every second centimetre of the leg, because let’s face it, it’s cold. Mainly, though, my favourite part about these jeans is the shade of denim. It looks so good with bright colours and in bright weather, especially, nice and crisp with white in the summer.

Both items are pictured and linked below if you fancy a browse, Enjoy 🙂



Elton John Crew neck Jumper Shop Here


Light Blue Boyfriend Jean Shop Here

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