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Welcome to Workout Wednesday! Usually there would be a fitness post today but I figured it is just as, if not more, important to work on your mind. I will slowly be incorporating some of my favourite techniques, challenges and meditations into workout wednesday as well as the usual fitness videos. Today is all about meditation.

I know meditation is stereotyped as the hippy’s game, only for weirdos or brushed off because it “doesn’t work”. It definitely has a bad name in some circles, but so does anxiety and hey we’re here to break down stigmas and open our minds to try new things.

I have a few hippies in my family and definitely have a streak of it within me also 🙂 , meditation has always been around me in some way since I was very young and I tried it many times. We had school tours to centres where we would meditate and honestly, it just made me giggle. I didn’t learn until I got a bit older that meditation isn’t just sitting there with your eyes closed humming weird sounds, it is actually a skill that you need to hone.

When you close your eyes you remove your focus from the visuals around you and create your own. When your visuals are removed your focus becomes predominately on your thoughts. When I was young this is the point where I would stop because I assumed you’re just supposed to be calm now, I didn’t know about the next step, shutting off your thoughts. It is 100% easier said than done to shut off your thoughts which is why the more you practice the easier it becomes. One trick that helped me as a beginner was to actually visualise the thoughts that you’re having running through your mind in slides on rotation and just let them keep going around, this helps you to not allow one thought to springboard another and set you off on a new cycle. While doing this you can begin to focus on your breathing and if a new slide pops back in just allow it to keep rotating, don’t give it life.

Once the mind is as calm as you can make it and you have began to focus on your breathing you will begin to feel the effects on your body. At this point, I would recommend a guided meditation. Guided meditation is amazing for beginners and still my favourite kind of meditation. It means that during the tape, video or recording a voice is guiding your visualisation and leading you where to go in your imagination, depending on your purpose for meditating. You can get specific recordings for anxiety, manifestation, insomnia, money stress, relationships and basically everything else.

There are many health benefits contributed to meditation including reducing symptoms of anxiety & depression, high blood pressure, chronic pain, Asthma, bowel upsets and headaches. As well as the lifestyle benefits such as building skills to manage your stress, higher self awareness, control over emotions, increasing creativity and increasing patience & tolerance.

The power of silencing your mind is bizarre, I have been in situations and group meditations in the past when people were so transcended it amazed me, of course, they had years and years of experience in practice. It might be a bit wacky to some people or outside of their norm but who cares, we’re all a bit wacky deep down. There’s no harm in trying and I definitely recommend giving it a shot, it has been so beneficial for me on my anxiety journey and in my general life to remain laid back and combat stress. If you’re a beginner I would advise giving it a few tries to perfect the thought silencing techniques because without that I never felt any effects of the actual meditation.

I will insert a video of a beginners guided meditation recording below and feel free to give it a go. Also, if anyone is having trouble perfecting the technique or would like any more information that I may have missed out, leave a comment below or contact me and I will help in any way that I can. Enjoy 🙂


Guided Meditation for beginners:


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