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Overthinking is the source of most people’s unhappiness. You can over think yourself into stress, worry and anxiety. The art of worrying about things that may never happen can drive a person to ruin opportunities, relationships and their own happiness. That being said, we all do it and meditation can help.

I am a worrier, I worry about the simple most mundane things in life and over the years have had to learn to shut it off because no good can come from it. There is a huge difference between preparing for the worst and thinking the worst into fruition. The mind is such a powerful thing and what we think about we gravitate towards, willingly and unwillingly. A positive frame of mind is vital when overcoming anxiety as it allows us to see a life without the anxious mind. Once we can see it and visualise it, we can move forward to create it.

I have found meditation an amazing tool in quieting the mind and the worry. We all spend our days so busy and our mind is racing when we don’t even realise it. It usually takes us until we are stressed to the hilt before we take the time out to centre ourselves and relax our thoughts. Meditation enables you to be still in the moment for a short while of everyday helping to improve your focus, stress levels and tolerance.

If you have never meditated before be sure to check out a previous post on Meditation For Beginners Here. 

I have linked below a video for a guided meditation for over thinking, be sure to give it a try if you haven’t before. It is so important for us to focus on our minds health just as much as our physical health. What we focus on expands 🙂 .



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