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The weather has been SO hot these past few days and I always have an issue with what to eat and drink in the sun. I don’t do well in really hot weather, I am uncomfortable, my hair goes frizzy, I can’t wear makeup and I cannot eat any remotely hot food haha! I always feel like I’m thirsty, even after three litres of water and there is always just something that I crave to quench the thirst but I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what it is. Is it an ice lolly, some watermelon, or something more sugary, I can’t ever tell. What I have found really helpful this time around is fruit infused water.



Fruit infused water is so refreshing and just adds that little sugary sweet kick that I crave but the natural way. If you are somebody who doesn’t like the texture of a certain fruit but know the health benefits then I would definitely recommend adding it to your water. Or if you struggle to drink water on its own and find it a little bland it really does taste great. I have been loving the mix of strawberry and orange the past few days in the sunshine but I do love to add lemon into my water bottle on a more day to day basis.


Health Benefits of fruit infused water:


Health Benefits of Oranges & Strawberries:



There are many health benefits to infused water and it tastes good. I will do a post in the future of some more of my favourite combinations in my water and each of the reasons why but for the humidity at the moment and to keep hydrated, strawberry and orange is my go to.

Let me know if you try it or have tried it before and what you think. 🙂



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