Misfit Blackhead Extraction Paste Review

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Happy Wednesday 🙂 . I have seen this Misfit Blackhead Extraction Paste around for a good amount of months now and wanted to give it a try for myself. I know it might sound stupid but I have never really been aware of blackheads on other people’s faces or my own. I was unsure for a while about what they even were lol. I have been fortunate enough to never really have suffered with breakouts or skin problems BUT at the same time could have had blackheads and not even known. How Naive.

That being said, recently I have noticed my skin looking a bit off lately, a bit less even toned and a little more pores. Being a lover of all face masks of any kind I decided to give this one a shot.



Misfits cosmetics blackheads review


The application is super easy, which is great, you can either apply it with an old makeup brush or your hands. Apply it to the areas on your face where you have the most blackheads or pores and leave it to dry.

The best part!!! is that when it dries fully you just peel it right off. I love this. I have tried face masks before where the instructions have been to peel right off, yet, you’re left with little pieces of stubborn mask on your face that you then have to scrub away. This one really does just peel off.

There’s not a polite way to put this: when you peel off the mask you can see your blackheads right there on your mask. It’s kind of yuk but in the comfort of your own home, who cares.Another thing that I have noticed about particularly charcoal drying masks is that they leave my skin feeling a little dry afterward but this one didn’t.

I didn’t have many blackheads to extract to begin with so I can’t be fully sure how it would work for somebody who does, however, what was there, came out so I would definitely recommend giving it a try if blackheads are something that bothers you. I have also seen many men try this out so it is not exclusively a female product.


Blackhead extraction paste


Misfit cosmetics often have great sales on their products with a big markdown in price. When I bought mine it was originally £18.99 and I paid £5 excluding delivery. A little goes a long way so it is definitely a bargain price. The Blackhead Extraction Paste is on sale at the moment for £5 so if you are interested in giving it a try head over while it is still marked down. If you don’t get a chance, sign up to their newsletter and they email you the next time it is marked down- that’s how I found out about mine 🙂 .


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