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Hello guys! 🙂 I recently received some items from Rosegal.com and was incredibly impressed with their products so had to share a review. When I first came across the site I was skeptical as they have so much stock at such low price points. I was eager for them to arrive to see if the quality was up to scratch.




The first item I picked out was of course this pink sleeveless tee. What are the odds that they would stock a top with my blog’s name and slogan on it!!! I interpret to mean Faith over Fear which are words that I live by. Being honest, even if the quality of the tee wasn’t great, I would still have worn it lol 🙂 . Luckily, because of the quality of the item I will be able to rock it after it has been washed more than once. I love the colour and the fit of the top, I would advise checking the size guide on each individual item because they vary for each piece.



The next item is this BEAUTIFUL crossbody fluffy bag. I have been after a faux fur bag for so long and couldn’t find one that wouldn’t stop my friends stepping out in public with me lol. I love different, vibrant items of clothing but I love that this one is black and white as it goes with everything. Again, I was pleasantly surprised at it’s quality, I can’t believe how inexpensive it is where in some high street shops you would pay triple the amount for an item of similar quality. Unfortunately, as of now this bag isn’t available on the site but I genuinely want ALL of the bags that they do have, some of which are priced at as little as $14. Keep an eye out for a restock if you love this bag as much as I do, I have seen some other items restocked within a few weeks.

The only negative I have is that the sites delivery time can take up to three weeks to arrive so if you’re looking for something to arrive in time for an occasion, have a browse with plenty of notice. The delivery time is pretty standard for overseas sites and for the quality and the price of the items, I find it’s worth the wait.



You can shop these items and much more on Rosegal.com



Thanks for reading, 

F&F, xo

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