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Today’s Turquoise Fashion & Baggy Jeans post is here to remind anybody suffering with anxiety just how important the Look Good section of FearandFaith.ie really is.

Taking care of your appearance can instantly boost your mood and self confidence. When you feel like anxiety is ruling your day all you want to do is get into the comfy clothes and lie down for a nap, understandably, but getting up to put on some lipstick and pick yourself a nice outfit can change your whole day around. Clothes give me an outlet for creativity which can become suppressed when you feel low and if you feel like you look good or are particularly proud of an outfit or a haircut it gives you an extra boost to head out and conquer that anxiety.



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I’m never going to be ready to let go of the Summer colour palette, every year I continue to wear bright colours into Autumn and Winter because when the weather is dull and gloomy it affects my mood. Having some brightness around me during the day really helps to put a smile on my face, whether it’s clothes i’m wearing or seeing somebody else rock an illuminous coloured jumper. Turquoise is said to be a healing colour to have around, it has a calming effect, and it helps that it looks good on most people’s skin tones and with most people’s hair colour. I found this top in the sale in Penney’s/Primark and had to pick it up, firstly it was only €3 and secondly it was a perfect colour match to the costume necklace I already had in my basket (pictured). I love the detail in the necklace and it can be adjusted to be worn slightly longer or tight like a choker.


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Also, stumbling round Penneys I found these mom/baggy jeans. Lately, I have been having a love hate relationship with mom jeans and the baggy jeans style. I ADORE them aesthetically but my god finding a pair to fit properly is just a nightmare, I will either find a pair to fit my waist and be tight on my hips or fit my hips and be baggy around my waist. I have bought and returned at least eight pairs in the past two months. Luckily the sizing on these jeans was a lot better, still not perfect, but a lot better, especially for only €18. I also love the zip detail being slightly to the side and how most of the rip detailing is below the thigh area, which covers up the legs when I don’t have tan on lol.


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Okay, lastly, my silver boots. I have been after a pair of silver boots since I first laid eyes on a pair two years ago and didn’t buy them. There was no good reason why I didn’t buy them except that my friend who was with me at the time declared that she categorically would not be seen in public with me wearing them… and they have been on my mind ever since. I love them!! They honestly go with everything and I plan to wear them to death. They have a chunky heel so they are comfortable and were also on sale in stradivarius for… TWELVE euro. twelve. They are no longer available on the website but definitely head over there because I’m in love with all of their shoes- new in & sale items: Stradivarius.com


If your anxiety is getting you down today or any day, go and pick out some bright coloured clothing and put your face on (even if you’re going nowhere) and see how your mood improves. 🙂



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