5 Steps for a Happier 2018

5 steps happier no stress new year

Happy New Year!!! 🙂 , It’s officially 2018 and that means a chance to completely clean the slate and begin a fresh new set of goals, aims and life changes. Obviously, everyone’s goals are individual and personal to them but I thought that I would include a more general set of five, specifically ones that can be applied to help in relieving anxieties.


1. Leave unhealthy guilt behind:

Everybody feels guilty at some point in their life here and there but when it crosses over into affecting your day and mood, then it becomes an unhealthy amount of guilt. Guilt is a stress trigger and whether you’re aware of it or not it can eat us up. Aim to find the balance between selfless and selfish and when something requires selfishness then do it without the guilt. You can also read my more in depth ‘feeling guilt because of anxiety’ post Here.


2. Be more mindful:

I know, the word mindfulness has become a bit of a gimmick recently with people overusing it and in the wrong context but I promise it is real and it does have major benefits. Basically, as humans we tend to go through life as busy bees, always in some rush and always thinking about the next project, person or even emotion. We can easily forget to take the time to sit in the present, slightly analyze and consciously speak, act and feel in the way in which we would prefer. This is also a great tool for eliminating stress.


3. Set goals within your goals:

Sometimes at the start of a year I have a million plans and ideas, all of a grand scale and all time consuming. I spend the first few months stressed trying to juggle them all, under pressure and by month four give up on them all. The end of the year rolls around and I end up feeling bad within myself for not completing everything that I set out to. Sometimes a million plans within a short timescale just isn’t practical and so instead of trying to juggle them all, begin with one. If that one still seems too big then break it down into steps and tick them off one by one. You remain underwhelmed in comparison and more importantly, enjoy the process more.


4. Set aside time for yourself:

I remember watching somewhere once that laughter is contagious and that if you force yourself to laugh for five minutes by the end of the time, you’re actually laughing. Whether you meditate, take a bath, go for a walk or spend five minutes laughing, set aside a small time period everyday that is just for you. Put away the screens, put down the phone and just regroup, gain perspective and stay grounded. Sometimes stress can begin from someone overwhelmed or uptight and it’s also contagious and not always necessary.


5. Anxiety is temporary:

What a loaded statement. It can be debilitating, life altering, depression inducing among other things but whether your attacks are every few hours, every day or once a year, there is always a moment when it is gone, has stopped. In those moments, make a conscious decision to have fun, research tools for overcoming it, buying a new outfit, anything that makes you happy and make the most of the time in between, before the next one is on its way.


** To aid all of these steps for a healthier, happier 2018, I would recommend purchasing a happiness planner (but any notebook will do the job) from  TheHappinessplanner.com **



Thanks for reading,

F&F, xo

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