Snack Platter and it’s Benefits For Anxiety

snack platter

Recently, I attempted to make myself a healthy lunch when I realised that I needed to do the dreaded food shop. I weighed up my options and could either go to the shop and buy something quick that would be bad for me or try come up with something from what I already had in the fridge. I would eat carrot sticks with hummus as a snack regularly but it wouldn’t ever be enough for a meal, so I improvised and made a snack platter.

Basically anything tastes nice with hummus, but I’m probably bias because I love it. If you aren’t a fan you can switch it out for any dip that you like, providing it’s not one full of sugar. I know that I have said it before but unhealthy sugars are widely known to cause a blood sugar spike or a false high and with every spike, you drop just as quick. The increase in adrenaline when you spike can add to anxiety and the low when you drop can enhance a negative thought process- also contributing to anxiety. So everything in moderation.



healthy eating for anxiety


I used cucumber, carrots, celery, tomato and wholegrain crackers in my snack platter. The health benefits of these foods are:

Carrots: are full of beta carotene and in turn, vitamin A which is great for a healthy immune system, sight (like the kid’s tale) and your skin.

Cucumber: is full of B vitamins, which we know are great for easing anxiety. They also aid in digestion due to their fibre and water content.

Celery: contains many antioxidants and has a high level of vit B6 (again easing anxiety). It also contains other vitamins and a large source of hydration.

Tomatoes: contain a large source of vitamin A & C but also vitamin B6. As well as potassium and magnesium, potassium in particular is known as a stress reliever.

The crackers, I just added for some flavour and texture 🙂 . Switching up the contents of a snack platter is obviously up to each person’s personal taste and a lot of vegetables and fruits contain the vitamins that you’re looking for to feel good & in some cases, look good.


benefits of vitamin B6


Making one is pretty self explanatory, just chop up your ingredients and dip or spread with your choice of dip. It is super quick to throw together and presentation is irrelevant when it is just for yourself. I was pretty full up after just about half and pictured is an average sized dinner plate. Hope you give it a try. 🙂

If you’re interested in reading more about anti anxiety foods, head over to an article on Healthambition.com Here   and any more recipes will be in the ‘feel good’ tab Here.


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